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Are rainy seasons a bad time to plant Trees?

Jul 3


To ensure good growth, trees have to be kept hydrated in every way possible. Although the rainy season may provide enough water to trees, excessive rain could cause issues. A lot of rain could cause soil to become saturated, and root systems to become weaker. Fungal diseases thrive in humid environments. They can have a negative effect on the appearance and the health of your trees. The force of winds can also knock branches and trees over in the rainy season.

If you take the time to inspect your trees for signs of damage, like cracks and lesion You can lower the chance of rain that is excessive on your trees. A business that provides stump removal services in the city of Georgetown will help ensure your trees remain in good health. Read on to learn the effects of rainy seasons on your trees.


Too Much Rainwater Can Suffocate Your Trees

The heavy rains could cause the soil to be saturated with water, leading to damage to trees. Rainwater causes soil to compact and cause roots to become choked. Water also hinders the roots from absorbing enough oxygen. The pores of the tree are blocked with water , and it is possible to be depleted of oxygen within a couple of hours. The roots can start to decay within several days. Contact a professional arborist for help to trees stump removal in Georgetown Ky.


People are drawn to sandy soils with good drainage. We suggest that you do not walk on your lawn following a heavy rain to avoid soil compaction that could cause the demise of your trees.


The roots of the tree will start to weaken when the soil is drained. As time passes, the tree's roots are less secure and can be swept away by powerful winds. This could cause serious destruction to anything in its route. The roots of your tree can be weaker, which could cause a variety of diseases and infections.


Georgetown Tree Service will evaluate the condition of your trees and provide you an estimation of their condition and strength. A tree care service close to me will also be able to provide an analysis to assist you in taking the needed tree care actions to ensure your trees are prepared to withstand any weather conditions.


Conditions that are wet and humid create the perfect environment for the growth of fungi. A lot of water can lead to weak roots, which make it hard for trees to fight off disease and infections. Fungal infections that thrive in moist conditions are common.


Powdery Mildew

To find the growth of powdery mildew examine the stems and leaves. Mildew-like growth that is powdery can cause wrinkles on some leaves.


Anthracnose, a different common fungal infection in trees, frequently causes leaf spots and curled leaves.

Root Rot

Root rot is caused by a variety of fungi that thrive in moist environments. The most frequent signs are reddish or brown roots. The root rot may become more serious when leaves begin to change to yellowish.



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