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Knowing Vaginal Odor

Jan 24

Vaginal odor is anything originating from your uterus. The vagina may sometimes smell a little. However, a strong vagina odor such as the smell of fish may be abnormal and indicate an issue. The abnormally vaginal smell caused by infection is typically accompanied by other vaginal signs including irritation and itching.

The vaginal odor can vary throughout your menstruation cycle. Usually, vaginal odor is mild during the early stages of the menstrual cycle when estrogen levels are low. This vaginal odor typically becomes stronger when estrogen levels rise and they remain high for most of the cycle before dropping in the pre-ovulatory phase. The vaginal discharge may have a distinctive fishy odor during this period.

Furthermore, vaginal odor can vary based on the vaginal pH levels. With vaginal pH ranging from 3 to 5, vaginal discharge may have a fishy smell. However, the vaginal odor does not always indicate an infection or any health problem.

Vaginal Discharge is same Vaginal Odor

With vaginal discharge being one of the most common culprits for vaginal odor, the smell and the vaginal discharge may be the same and vaginal odor is usually associated with vaginal discharge or vaginal bleeding. The vaginal discharge might also have a mild, fishy vaginal odor due to the change in hormone levels during your menstrual cycle.

However, it does not always mean that you are fighting infection as some infections can cause no vaginal odor but the itching and vaginal pain. It is also worth noting that vaginal odor may be one of the vaginal symptoms, not vaginal odor itself. Other vaginal signs include vaginal inflammation, vaginal discharge, and vaginal itching

Some vaginal infections might be causing your vaginal smell. If you think vaginal odor is abnormal for you, it is best to visit a doctor as soon as possible so they can diagnose the vaginal infection. Bacterial vaginosis can cause vaginal odor that resembles fish or bleach.

Causes of Vaginal Odor

However, vaginal odor caused by bacterial vaginosis is not the only vaginal symptom of this vaginal infection as you may also have vaginal itching and vaginal discharge with it. Yeast infections are another vaginal infection that are often associated with vaginal odor. The vaginal odor of vaginal yeast infections may resemble bread or beer. The vaginal yeast infection vaginal smell is often combined with vaginal discharge that appears chunky and cottage cheese-like. Trichomoniasis, another vaginal infection, is also known to cause vaginal odor vaginal discharge vaginal itching.

Vaginal Odor Treatment

To diagnose bacterial vaginosis your GP may prescribe a combination of these medications. Clindamycin vaginal cream or vaginal gel is effective in eliminating vaginal odor. Clindamycin vaginal cream can be used for vaginal yeast infection but it should not be given to pregnant women as it may harm the fetus. Another medication is flower power boric suppositories, an all-natural, physician formulated vaginal suppository that will not only eliminate vaginal odor, but also vaginal discharge vaginal itching vaginal inflammation. Flower Power vaginal suppositories contain boric acid which inhibits the growth of vaginal yeast infection and vaginal bacteria.